We Value Hope

On Sunday May 21st, 2017 Jeanette and Ashley teamed up to talk about Hope as part of Our Values Teaching Series. Jeanette started us off with some stories and quotes. Ashley finished off by sharing some practical things she does to find a spark of hope even when things are dark. We recorder their teaching in case you missed it (and because these two ladies are awesome!).

Ashley is very open about her own struggles with mental illness and is generous with her story. If you would like to learn more about Ashley’s journey you can check out her blog called One Deep Breath. Ashley describes the blog as,

“…a place where I try to sort out what community, love, hope and peace mean to me. It is where I process my darkest moments and where I find light. It is called One Deep Breath because it encompasses the idea of experiencing one moment at a time, always remembering to breathe deeply and to live fully. I write because it is therapeutic, and I find it a good way to communicate ideas with others. Hope and peace are characteristics that must be cultivated, like a garden, and writing is one expression of that work.”

Thank you Ashley for your courage and openness.

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