We are back at St. John’s!

Starting Sunday, September 8th at 4:30pm we are back inside at St. John’s Lutheran Church (104 Hughson St. N.) for our weekly worship gathering.

Here is what is happening over the next few weeks:

  • Sept 8th – Am I a Mennonite? Believe it or not the Canadian Government decided to create a National Mennonite Heritage Week to celebrate the contributions of Mennonites in Canadian society. Most of us at The Commons didn’t grow up in a Mennonite church, we chose to be part of the Mennonite Tribe. We are going to talk about what being Mennonite means for us newbies.
  • Sept 15th – Super Crawl Sunday! We meet just a block away from all the festivities of Super Crawl (Hamilton’s annual free arts & music festival). Many of our people are creative folks who will be working at (or attending) the festival, so every year on Super Crawl Sunday we have a more informal gathering that feels a lot like our low key summer gatherings. It is great if you are able to come the gathering but we understand if you are out watching your new favourite band.
  • Sept 22nd – Huddle Time! Over the last year Randy Neudorf has been part of a weekly 3DM discipleship huddle of Hamilton pastors learning to be more intentional about being Jesus followers. 3DM tries to be accessible to a variety of learning styles and to get people to live out a 3 Dimensional life that connects them to God, a spiritual community and the wider world.  Randy will be talking about what he has learned from this journey and how others can get involved.
  • Sept 29th – We Value What? Our core value statement is “The Commons seeks to humbly follow Jesus though Shared Community, Creative Peace, and Story Honouring.” That is a lot of words mashed together. We are going to take some time to unpack what we mean by all that and how it guides who we are as a church.
  • Oct 6th – Youth Group Sunday! On the first Sunday of every month we have an inter-generational gathering that works to get people to think outside their own demographic (age, learning style, education, etc…). Too often churches only caters to people who learn through words. We sing some words, followed by listening to someone speak some words, and maybe we even read some words from a book. That is all well and good but not always best for everyone. For anyone who grew up going to youth group in some church basement they might remember other ways of connecting with each other and with God that had a whole lot more laughing involved. On Oct 6th everyone gets to be in the youth group no matter what age you are.
  • Oct 13th – Thanksgiving Potluck: Bring some food to add to our thanksgiving supper. Everyone is welcome even if church isn’t normally your thing. We aren’t trying to trick anyone into hearing a sermon or singing some hymns, this gathering is all about eating and hanging out with your neighbours.