Thinking About The Kids

So it was the first day back to school for my kids today. It is amazing how the weather seemed to change over night into fall in anticipation of school. One day we are playing at the beach and the next we are bundling up the kids and sending them off into the cold to be educated. All this back to school stuff has gotten me thinking of how thankful I am for a loving community that is invested in my children.

Like many small church communities The Commons only has a couple kids. To be completely honest my two kids are the only children currently part of The Commons. My kids may have a shortage of peers but they have no shortage of relationships. It never ceases to amaze me to see so many busy adults talking the time to make my kids feel special. It is like they are part of a church full of their uncles and aunts. They play games, tell stories, ask questions and get a whole lot of love.

I know some day other young families will join our community, and I know my children will be ecstatic to have some playmates, but I think when they grow up they will look back at all their “Uncles & Aunts” as some of their best friends.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About The Kids

  1. Obvioulsy I agree with Randy.
    In a country where so many families choose their church based on the amount of age appropriate programs available to their children, I am so glad that my kids will grow up knowing that church is about God and people. That there is nothing in it for them except the chance to love and be loved. To actually participate in the kingdom of God.

  2. I absolutely love your children. It’s been so great to get to know them more and more each time we hang out. Whether we are doing crafts, baking or total domination wrestling, it is always a fun time. You and Susan have raised some awesome kids!

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