Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery

Saskatoon Update copyI’m in Saskatoon for the Canadian Mennonite Church National Assembly. I’m catching up on my reading to prepare and I’m so proud to be Mennonite right now.

One of our tasks this week is to officially Repudiate the “Doctrine of Discovery” as called for by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This doctrine has been a hall mark of colonialism and has placed First Nation communities on unequal footing with setters for centuries. Repudiate is a fancy word for “not having anything to do with.” Through this process Mennonites will be taking on the task of:

  1. Naming & Challenging Settler Privileges
  2. Working to undo historical and ongoing violence d one in the name of the church.
  3. Publicly bringing attention to current abuses of human dignity and rights
  4. Walking in equal relationship with Indigenous Peoples as fully valued humans.
  5. Listening, Learning, and Growing in surprising ways.

You can read the full proposal here:
27-29 2016_May31_Assembly_Discernment_Guide_Final

SASKatoon Updates from Assembly 2016:    

  1. Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery
  2. “It is never too late!” for Truth & Reconciliation
  3. Mennonites voted YES to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery!
  4. My Grandma’s Ukulele Band