Peace Sunday 2016: “Women of Peace”

2016-11-peace-buttonsPeace Sunday is the Sunday before Remembrance day. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC is a relief organization that works for peace) each year puts together a theme and curriculum to be used by churches to broaden the Remembrance Day reflections to include non violent ways to work towards peace. 

The video above states that “It is more dangerous to be a women then a solider in modern warfare. Following conflict, women are often excluded from decisions that shape their future” It is because of this reality that Mennonites across the country this year will be telling stories of “Women of Peace.”


Everyone is welcome regardless of religious or philosophical leanings. Thinking and talking about peace is an everybody kind of thing.

Peace Sunday at The Commons
6pm on November 6th
128 Hughson St. N.
(at the Hooper Law Building across from the Spice Factory)

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