Moving Fundraiser

The Commons has found a new home and will be sharing space with St. John’s Lutheran Church on the corner of Wilson & Hughson starting on Sunday September 9th. We really value a space where we can be creative so we will be using St. John’s Community Room below the sanctuary. We see a lot of potential in this space but we could use a little help to make it work for our Worship Gatherings.

Moving Fundraiser:

Out goal is to raise $1600 by the end of September. The two big purchases we are looking at are:

  1. LIGHTS: We want to string cafe style patio lights in the center of the room as a focal point to create a welcoming environment and to emphasis that church is not a performance but rather a gathering of people.
  2. PORTABLE SOUND SYSTEM: We are looking at purchasing an all in one Bose tower system that is very easy to use and functions as both a monitor and a speaker so that everyone in the room can hear. It is very simple to use and can be set up very quickly.

As of September 25th we have raised $1369, and we could use your help reaching our goal. Every donation helps whether it is $500, $50 or $5.

If you would like to help contribute you can donate to The Commons through:

  • Online Donation: CLICK HERE for info on how to donate using CanadaHelpsĀ 
  • Cheque: CLICK HERE for instructions.
  • Cash: Just put the money in an envelope and put your name and address on it so we can give you a tax receipt. Money can be given to anyone on our leadership team (Jeanette Eby, Krista Vanderhout, or Randy Neudorf)

Thank you for supporting The Commons!