Mennonites voted YES to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery!

Saskatoon Update copyI was overwhelmed with emotion today as the delegates of Mennonite Church Canada officially voted yes to repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery. This is one of the recommendations made to churches by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Repudiate is a fancy word for divorcing yourself from a concept, idea or practice.

There was some amazing work done on concisely describing what the Doctrine of Discovery is and why we need to work to undo the damage it has caused. You can read about that here in a PDF Download:  27-29 2016_May31_Assembly_Discernment_Guide_Final.

One of the reasons this was so emotional for me is that there is both first nation and settler roots in my family. Being part of the Mennonite Church during this step in reconciliation makes me hopeful for children who have both First Nations and Settler roots as part of their heritage. My prayer for these children is that they can grow up to feel a healthy internal peace of reconciliation within themselves.

This vote is not an end unto itself, over the next months Mennonite Church Canada will be putting together a group to help continue our collective reconciliation journey. I look forward to seeing where this leads us.

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2 thoughts on “Mennonites voted YES to Repudiate the Doctrine of Discovery!

  1. As an Indigenous person of a Cree Nation, I am so pleased to hear that the Mennonite Church voted on this positively for the enrichment of Indigenous People, its a start to the decolonization for Indigenous Peoples of Canada. It validates the Indigenous peoples history of occupancy/sovereignty prior to European contact. We are here and have always been here with our own distinct societies, laws and religions.

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