Mennonite Bowling Party & Alt-Worship

On Sunday, November 25th, 2012 The Commons celebrated joining our new tribe of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada by going bowling, eating pizza and having an evening of Alt-Worship. We dubbed the event “Mennonite Bowling Party.” I love how Jen described it, “What makes it a Mennonite Bowling Party? We Do!”

For the alt-worship we had a number of creative and interactive stations set up in 3 rooms where people were given opportunities to reflect and interact with ideas of Peace, Advent, Meditation, Grace, Prayer. One of the stations had a pamphlet talking about What Makes A Mennonite. It contained some great highlights from Mennonite History and Theology. A great introduction for a community like ours. Click Here to read the PDF version of the pamphlet.

Miranda created an amazing station where you used word stickers to create a prayer. You would pick a word out of a jar containing 3 or 4 different words to add to your prayer, so it was one part was the word you chose and one part was the Spirit taking your prayer in a direction you might not have intended.

Other stations contained a Labyrinth, Communion, Experimental Music, a Prayer Journal, an Art Installation about Peace, an Advent Paper Prayer Chain, and a Plasticine Nativity scene. All these experiences were meant to help the community have new ways and opportunities to interact with God and each other. God is the creator of all our senses and sometimes you just need to go beyond singing together as an avenue for worship.