Life after Easter (Spring Gatherings)

Lent is over, Good Friday is done, and the left overs from all our Easter meals have been packed up. So what it next? For April, May and June at The Commons there are a lot of things happening that are springing out of the Easter Season.

Worship Gatherings – Sundays at 4:30pm

We will be continuing our inCommunion series for the rest of April and May. For this series we have been looking at stories where Jesus was sharing a meal with his friends and followers and then looking at that story through the lens of communion (that weird thing churches do when they eat tiny pieces of bread and sip juice out of very little cups). For the rest of this series we will be looking at the times this happened after Jesus’ resurrection. In addition to this series we will also be continuing our Inter-generational Creative Gatherings on the 1st Sunday of the month. There are also a few outdoor gatherings happening off site. to keep everything clear here is a schedule of all our spring gatherings. All gatherings will be happening at our regular meeting location in the community room of St. John’s Lutheran Church at 104 Hughson St. N. (corner of Wilson & Hughson) unless noted otherwise.

SpringĀ  Worship Gatherings:

  • May 19th at 4:30pm – Lutheran Communion with DVD Commentary. Pastors Daniela & Thomas Mertz from St. John’s will be leading us in a Lutheran Communion Liturgy. Lutherans are a little bit more formal church tradition that us, their pastorsĀ  where robes and they have an alter in their sanctuary. The Mertzs are going to lead us in their communion liturgy but just like you can turn on the director commentary for your DVD player they are going to explain the significance of the traditions they wrap their communion in. This gathering will be happening upstairs in St. John’s beautiful sanctuary.
  • May 26th at 4:30pm – Fish Fry & inCommunion – Outside at Beasley Park (near 55 Elgin Street). Bring a blanket or a chair to be comfortable. If it is raining we will head inside to 55 Elgin St.
  • June 2nd at 4:30pm – Inter-generational Creative Gathering: Sometimes churches get to stuck on expressing everything through words, words and more words. Randy will be teaching us how to use abstract art as a way to express some big feelings and ideas connected to following Jesus in a hands on way.
  • June 9th at 4pm – Baptism Gathering & Pentecost Sunday – Outside at Confederation Park (680 Van Wagners Beach Rd.). Park near the playground and then walk out to the beach. Stay tuned for information about car pooling.
  • June 16th at 4:30pm – Discipleship Huddle Intro. Lots of our friends from Mennonite Church Eastern Canada and TrueCity have been journeying together to form intentional Discipleship Huddles that utilize shapes and learnings from an organization called 3DM. The idea is that discipleship is not the memorizing of verses or theology but rather it is learning to listen for the Holy Spirit in a way that teaches us to help others also listen for the Holy Spirit. It is meant to be something that is accessible for all learning styles and education levels. The catch is that it takes an investment of time. We will be starting our own Discipleship Huddle in the fall but we wanted to give people a taste of what it is about so they can figure out if this is something they should commit to over the next couple years. This may not be for everyone right now but there might be 4-8 people who want to intentionally journey together.
  • June 23rd – Double Header:
    10:15am – Forest Church & Potluck Lunch with Westview Christian Fellowship.
    This will be an Outdoor Gathering at the Ratzlaff Family Farm, 1821 Effingham St. Ridgeville (near St. Catharines). At 9am folks from Hamilton will meet at 55 Elgin St. to car pool. Please bring some food to share and a chair or blanket to sit on. There will also be a camp fire for anyone wanting to roast a hot dog.
    4:30pm – Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals Liturgy. This is happening back at St. John’s in Hamilton for anyone who can’t make it in the morning for Forest Church (or if you are a twice a day kind of church person)
  • June 30th at 4:30pm is our last indoor gathering at St. John’s before we switch over to our summer Schedule.
  • July 7th at 6pm is our first Summer Park Gathering outside at Beasley Park (near 55 Elgin St.). For all of July & August we switch up our time and place to fit with the summer season. Bring a blanket or a chair to be comfortable. If it is raining we will head inside to 55 Elgin St. More info about summer gatherings, BBQs and Beach Day coming soon…

Wednesday Morning Prayer – Every Other Week at 9:30am

Our Wednesday Morning Prayer time happens every other week at 9:30am in the basement prayer room of the 541 Eatery & Exchange. We try to keep our prayer times simple and accessible so even if praying in a group isn’t usually your thing you are more than welcome to come. To be honest sometimes it is easier to learn to pray in a group rather than going it alone. Here are the dates we are meeting over the next few months:

  • May 22nd
  • June 5th
  • June 19th