Lectio Divina – Supper Club Recap

The Supper Club 2014-2015Supper Club started on Monday October 6th. We ate taco salad and learned about the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina. We have started a Facebook Group Page to provide a forum to share what we are learning and to keep each other accountable to the process of living with a different spiritual practice each month. I’ll also be doing a recap each month on The Commons Blog to keep everyone on the same page, and to catch up anyone who is trying to follow along but can’t make it out to The Supper Club.
Jill WeberSo here is Supper Club Recap No. 1:
  1. Jill Weber is super cool! Jill is from GOHOP (an urban monastic movement in Hamilton) and her and some other folks from GOHOP will be helping facilitate this journey. For those of you wanting to peek into Jill’s brain you can check out her blog called Off The Wall.
  2. Think “Spiritual Practice” apposed to spiritual discipline. Jill shared that the word “practice” emphasizes the process, and that these are things that we can do.
  3. The-Sacred-YearEveryone is encouraged to read: “The Sacred Year” by Michael Yankoski. The book’s tag line is “Mapping the Soulscape of Spiritual Practice — How Contemplating Apples, Living in a Cave, and Befriending a Dying Woman Revived My Life.” We won’t be following this book chapter by chapter with our own journey it is more of a companion to help us get into the right head space. We are asking people to read the first 3 or 4 chapters before November 3rd.
  4. Lectio Divina is the spiritual practice that we were introduced to. It is a way of slowing down as we read scripture through reading the same passage multiple times in a row.
  5. We used the story of Blind Bartimaeus found in Mark 10:46-52 to try out Lectio Divina. Here is the rhythm that Jill led us through:
    First Reading – Listen for a word or phrase to jump out at you.
    Second Reading –   Reflect.  Why did that word or phrase jump out?  What might God be speaking to you?
    Third Reading – Respond.  How would God want you to repond to what the Holy Spirit is saying?  At home you may want to can write out prayers of response.
    Fourth Reading –  Rest in silence.  Just let it sink in.
  6. Try using the Lectio Divina process over the next month with any stories from the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). There is no set number of times you need to do this in a month. It isn’t a make work project, try to find a rhythm that can be built into your life.
  7. Ponder the question Jesus posed to Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” (Mark 10:51). Try to hold this in your mind as Jesus speaking to you through out the month.