Intergalactic Bring Your Bible To Church Day!

On Sunday, November 18th, 2012 we asked everyone to bring their Bible to Gathering for “Intergalactic bring your bible to church day!” This was the last day in our series on stories from the Old Testament. We looked at the short life of King Josiah found in 2 Kings 22:1 – 23:30

This story focuses on King Josiah discovering a part of God’s Law that had been lost to his people, and how this prompted a huge reform in the kingdom of Judah.

In an age of power point, online bibles and cut and paste print outs; we took some time looking at our story through our paper bound bibles as a way of identifying with Joshia’s Story of discovering the Laws and Traditions of his forefathers..

We asked a number of questions about how we interact with God’s story in general and took some time thinking about the story of King Josiah specifically. Choosing to discuss something as a group apposed to listening to one person talk only works with a community willing to participate actively. Thanks to everyone for participating and being such great listening ears to others in the community.

Here is the discussion questions we used to frame our conversation:

  • Does holding a book help you focus or learn? Is it better or worse than a screen?
  • Is a kindle or iPhone the same, worse or better then a bound paper book?
  • We have been talking a lot at The Commons about different learning styles. Do you think a book engages more styles?
  • What Kind of Person do you think Josiah was?
  • Has a story or verse in the Bible ever had a profound effect on you? Negative or Positive? Any torn robes? How about Sack Cloth and Ashes?
  • Josiah was very different then his Father and the Kings that came before him. Do you see any clues in our story of why Josiah turned out different? What do you think today is the key to not repeating a parent’s mistakes?
  • How do you think the people of Judah reacted to the Kings reforms? How do you think a leader like Josiah would go over today? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  • If everything went back to the way it was after Josiah’s Death, were all his reforms in vain?

There were some great ideas and stories that came out on all of these questions. I thought I would post some of the thoughts on what people liked about Paper and Digital copies of the Bible to give you a peek at what we talked about:


  • Tactile (you hold it),
  • Visual (things are laid out consistently on the page, you can think back to where you saw something),
  • Context (you see what came before and after),
  • Participation (you can write in the margins)
  • Familiarity (you can have the translation you are most comfortable with at hand)


  • Comparison & Accountability (Much easier to switch from one translation to the other to get a wider perspective and not be stuck in one translation’s bias on a subject)
  • Search Engine (Can search key phrases and ideas in a way that is more intuitive for some people)
  • Convenience (For people who have their computer or smart phone with them all the time, they are able to have access to their bible anywhere)


One thought on “Intergalactic Bring Your Bible To Church Day!

  1. Thanks Susan for reminding me to check the time. I was so enthralled in the conversation that I hadn’t checked my watch at all. I apologize if we went to far into overtime for people. I will work on trimming the questions down the next time we do a large scale discussion for gathering. When we got home Susan asked me, “How many more questions did you have left?” and I must confess I had three more. My new rule of thumb (thanks to Susan) is to assume that each large questions will take about 10 minutes to get through. Good advice. For those of you who could have kept going, here are the questions we didn’t get to:

    • Can you think of any people from history that remind you of King Josiah?

    • Do you think the Church is in danger of “losing” (or ignoring) a portion of the Bible? Is this a danger for us at The Commons?

    • What do you think about the following statement? “The Church has turned the Bible into the 4th member of the Trinity. Bible, Father, Son & Holy Ghost.”

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