Homeless Jesus Prayer Vigil 2017

Homeless Jesus’ caught the media’s attention two winters ago when 911 was called by a passer by in a car and paramedics were called to investigate. By the very nature of this piece of art, your spirit can’t help but say a prayer when near by. The statue (located at King and Victoria) has now sparked an annual prayer vigil that is being organized by our friends from GOHOP and St. Patrick’s Cathedral for May 1-14. You can sign up to cover an hour here: https://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/ca8916
It might seem like a daunting task to sit and pray for an hour, but in reality the Homeless Jesus Statue is very thought provoking and we think that it might be a very engaging experience. Here are some ideas you could use to help focus your time:
  • Pray for homeless people in our city while thinking about the fact that Jesus was actually homeless. He relied on the generosity of others to survive.
  • Bring a prayer book to read, you could even borrow one of The Commons’ copies of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals.
  • Pray for the people passing by, pray that they would see the marginalized in their midst.

You wouldn’t need to even be overt with your prayer, you could just sit on the bench that is part of the statue and pray without even anyone thinking you were doing anything other then sitting. You could use this as a solitary thing or sign up with a friend. What ever would work better for you.

Homeless Jesus Prayer Vigil 
May 1st-14th, 2017
St Patrick Catholic Church
440 King Street East, Hamilton Ontario (Corner of King & Victoria)