Good News

It was my turn to speak last sunday, and my bible passage was Acts Chapters 13-14. This passage is traditionally called “Paul’s First Missionary Journey”. As I read over the verses, it is very clear that Paul and Barnabas set out on their travels to tell people the Good News about Jesus. They did this primarily with their words not their deeds. I began to think where I could go with this theme.
Later in the day I picked up a book Randy had recieved for christmas, opened it to the epilogue and read the following:

There are some people who grow up in rough neighbourhoods with nothing to their names.  But then they find some way to make a ton of money.  So they move out, and never think about their neighbourhoods again.  All they care about is taking care of themselves.  They never give back to the community, and they never think about the kids growing up like they did.  They are criticized as self-centred snobs who forgot where they came from.

Well, I’m afraid many believers have become spiritual self centrerd snobs. Many of us have forgotten where we came from…we never would have known about this Jesus is nobody told us about him.”    The Good Life, by Trip Lee

That felt like a sucker punch to the soul.

The last piece that really forced my focus towards speaking about the good news last sunday, was this verse I read in Acts Chapter 13:15. Background story is that Paul and Barnabas have gone to the local synagogue on the sabbath and had just finished listening to the Law and Prophets being read out. Someone in the synagogue approaches them and says:

Friends, if you have anything to say that will help the people, please say it”.

Please do.