Online Gathering: Facebook Live & Zoom

Please CLICK HERE for our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

In these strange times of social distancing we will be working hard to practice community, hospitality, love, peace, and even gatherings in different ways. Join us Sundays at 4pm for our  ZoomFacebook Live Online Gathering. Until we are able to meet back in person we will be streaming our worship gatherings on The Commons Facebook Page:

Please Note:

  • Communion will be happening on the First Sunday of every month.
    Please try to have something to use for the bread and cup to join us for our communion meal. If you have Juice and Bread that is great but Wine, Water, Bread, Crackers, Cheerios, etc… are all welcome substitutions.
  • Monthly Park Prayer Gatherings.
    Once a month we will be meeting in person at Woodlands Park to gathering in small groups to pray and connect. See the poster below or the Facebook Event Page for more details.

Here are all the details of how to attend all of our Online Sunday Gatherings:


If you would like to join us through Facebook we will be streaming the Gathering here:

This will let you watch the Gathering in real time (or later). Feel free to post comments or add to our prayer in the comment section.

Attention Mac Users: We have heard that Safari doesn’t work for Facebook Live. Switch to a different browser like Firefox or Chrome.


We are encouraging anyone who would like to have a more “in person” and “face to face” experience of the Worship Gathering to use the Zoom option. This will allow you to contribute to our prayer time and for the people speaking to see the faces of some of the people they are talking to.

PLEASE NOTE: that by attending on Zoom that you are ok with your face also being seen on the Live Stream and the video being posted there. This will remain public.


If you would like to join us through Zoom, please email with “Zoom Worship Gathering” in the subject line. We will send out the Zoom Link through the email list. If there are any technical issues or if we need to update the link we send that info out by email.

Monthly Park Gatherings Information:

This is a small informal prayer gathering for folks from The Meeting Place & The Commons. Our 2 churches have been gathering together online since March but we want to start gathering in person once a month (Sept 27, Oct 18th, and Nov 8th) at Woodlands Park (at  the corner of Sanford & Barton). We will meet at 4pm near the soccer field.
Some things to keep in mind to make this safe and successful:
  • PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING. you need to stay at least 6 feet apart from people outside your household bubble. Respect other people’s boundaries. We will split into groups of 10 people to help social distancing.
  • WEAR A MASK if you don’t have a medical exemption. This is especially important at the beginning and the end of the Gathering when people are visiting and social distancing is harder to maintain.
  • BRING A CHAIR OR BLANKET to sit on to be comfortable. You are also welcome to sit on the grass.
  • NO GROUP SINGING. We can’t do that right now and we think prayer is a better first step to meeting in person.
  • SORRY, NO MEAL. We aren’t able to eat together yet.
  • PRAYER. We try to keep our prayer times easy, inviting and participatory, so even if prayer isn’t usually your thing, this is a safe place to participate or just listen.
  • THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE. If you are at a higher risk level or you don’t feel comfortable out in public at this time, you should feel no shame in staying home. Everyone needs to make decisions that are best for their own situation. For some people that is staying home, for others they need to be reconnecting in person.
  • NO ONLINE GATHERING THIS WEEK. We will not be streaming this gathering, but we will return to our online gathering for the rest of the month.
  • DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. If it happens to be raining or cold and only 2 people show up that is ok as well. In a normal year we probably wouldn’t plan outdoor events past Thanksgiving, but this isn’t a normal year. Dress to be comfortable for the season.
  • NO BATHROOMS. We won’t have access to washrooms.
  • WHAT HAPPENS IF PEOPLE AREN’T BEING SAFE? We will remind people of proper social distancing and using masks. We want this to be a success but in the end it is only a church gathering, and if we had to we would just shut down early to stay safe. That being said, we haven’t had any issues at our past park gatherings.