The Commons would not exist without the generous support of everyday people who help us pay the bills.

Why do these every day people give of their hard earned money?

  • Some of these people give because they are part of the Commons Family. They give of their time and their hospitality, and it is only natural that they would contribute financially as well.
  • Some people give because they are part of our extended family. They are our Parents, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts. They love us and are happy to see our little community grow.
  • Some are friends and community members who have moved on to other cities & communities, but have gained much of their identity and community commitment from their time spent at The Commons.
  • Some are strangers who see something special in The Commons. People who value Justice, Hope, Community, Truth, Beauty, Authenticity and Peace.

Thank You to everyone who Values the work of The Commons and supports us through their Donations. If you are exploring our website and considering making a donation to the Commons, thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

How Can I Make A Donation?

You can make a donation by writing a cheque to our parent ministry: “Hamilton Mennonite Church.” Please make the cheque payable to “Hamilton Mennonite Church” and be sure to write “The Commons” on the Memo Line. Cheques can be mailed to:

The Commons
C/O Hamilton Mennonite Church
143 Lower Horning Road
Hamilton Ontario L8S 3G8

Online Donations can be made through Hamilton Mennonite Church’s page. Please be sure after you click donate, that you select “The Commons” in the Fund/Designation section. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions.

Can I Set Up A Monthly Giving Plan?

Yes, that would be amazing! You have two options available:

  1. Send us 12 postdated cheques to the address above. Fill them out and send them just like described above.
  2. Sign up for a monthly automatic withdrawal through Hamilton Mennonite Church’s page. Please be sure after you click donate, that you select “The Commons” in the Fund/Designation section. CLICK HERE for the link and step by step instructions to help you through this process.

Can I Get A Tax Receipt For My Donation?

Absolutely! Hamilton Mennonite Church is registered charity with the Canadian Government. If your full name and address does not appear on your cheque, please be sure to include a note with your donation that states your full Name & Current Address. Receipts will be issued at the beginning of the following year, in time to file your income tax receipts.

Could You Use Any Donations of Used Items?

The Commons does not have a permanent space of its own and shares space with Living Rock Ministries. We don’t have a lot of storage space but there are some items that we can use for our Gatherings and Community Events:

  • Candles, we love them. If you have a bag full of tea lights, tapers, or some crazy hand made candles from the 60’s we could put them to good use. We love creating an atmosphere where people can relax and reflect, and candles can really help with that.
  • Musical Instruments, we love to make noise and would be interested in any working Guitars, Synthesizers, Drums, Effects, Shakers, Tambourines, Xylophones, Etc… that you are able to give to us. We could also make use of any music stands, mic stands, or instrument stands. We have an eclectic band called “The Common Collective” as well as individuals that teach music lessons to street involved youth. Our worship music philosophy is very inclusive, and we love to have lots of instruments lying around for people of all ages to jump on in and join the band.
  • Sound Equipment, we are working on building up a portable sound system. We could use working Mics, Mixers, Chords, and Speakers.¬†Our plan is to put together a really great system so we can go out and serve grass roots organizations in our community. It doesn’t matter if you are putting on a concert, block party, or protesting –¬†every public event seems to need a sound system. We want to build relationships by supplying that sound to be a part of the dynamic work happening in our city. There is no better way to build relationships with your neighbours than offering your services to their event for free. It is all about being a servant.
  • Art Supplies, we love to be creative, and often incorporate painting and drawing into our expressions of worship, and community events. We have even made colouring pages of our neighbourhood to give to kids when we are part of community festivals.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or you think you might have something that would be of use to us: