Deliver Us – Journey Segment

Journey Segment Notes
Sunday Gathering, October 2nd, 2011
By Paul Perry

Hi my name is Paul Perry for those who don’t know me I used to be in a satanic cult. It was a dark time in my life and at that time we were doing a lot of evil things such as sacrificing living creatures that God has made. It really appalled me and at that point I quickly realized that was not my destiny.

Satan has tempted me many times since and I guess the major one was joining a gang for protection against the satanic cult after leaving them. Then God brought back my dad into my life and showing tough love my dad set me straight. He said that if I didn’t leave the gang he would be the one who takes me off this earth, so I left the gang.

I don’t handle deaths well. When two of my friends were killed in 2008, I went to Randy and Pernell for prayer and guidance. They helped me with 2 benefit concerts to honour my friends. Then a third friend was killed brutally over drugs. I prayed that the cops would find who did this and that I wouldn’t seek revenge. God replied back by giving me the lyrics to “Drugs Are An Artificial High”.

Then my grandpa was found lying on the other side of the fence that surrounds Dofasco and the police ruled it an accident but I still don’t think that is what happened but God knows the truth. The Commons helped through that dark time of my life with all their prayers and support.

Then someone else who a lot of us know was brutally killed.  When I heard the news I quickly went to prayer so that the cops could catch the person or people who were responsible for the attack and that I wouldn’t go for street justice.

I value prayer for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It helps me through tough times such as deaths of friends and family.
  • It gets me closer to my Lord through this communication.
  • It keeps me calm because sometimes I forget where I am and lose my temper. (It doesn’t happen a lot but it does happen).

For those of you who don’t know I have a million ideas rolling around in my head but when I start something I try to stay focused until the task is finish. When I think I can’t continue the task, I quickly go to prayer. It is the only thing that gets me back to the task at hand.