Last Sunday, Ashley spoke about The Garden and while she was speaking she brought up the fact that many of the decisions she’s made in life were based on the choice of it, either being life or death.  
For some reason, this really resonated with me.   I think because I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want my life to be clouded by negative thoughts, people or actions.   I realized that the things that happen in my life good or bad happen for a reason.  Whether I know that reason at that time or not.  I also accepted the fact that God does not throw challenges my way that I can’t deal with or handle.  Those were choices I made.  

I also decided a long time ago that I can choose whether or not to let what someone does or says to me, bother me or not.  If bad or negative things happen, I still choose to smile because I believe happiness is a choice and I like being happy.   I used to let people ruin my day, when really its my choice to decide if my day is ruined or not.

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make everything that comes along the best possible experience.  Again that is a choice one makes.  That’s the only way to live and enjoy life.   I remember when I was working at the orphanage in Malawi, Africa thinking I’ve never met children who were so happy and positive.  These children literally had nothing, no toys, no tv, no closets full of clothes, no cell phones or gadgets.   All they had was each other.  Yet… these children were the happiest children I had ever met.  They were so happy, making the best of their situations.  

Life is all about making choices and decisions.  How you choose to let others affect you is your choice.  There’s too much good in life to be stuck on the negative and bad. 


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  1. you have made many good choices; you are one of those people who truly live their life to the fullest, enjoying themselves while at the same time working/giving hard.

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