TrueCity Festival 2017


The Commons is part of the TrueCity church network in Hamilton. It is a movement of churches in Hamilton who believe that shared geography and partnering together is super important. Every year we all get together to celebrate what God is doing in Hamilton. It was called the TrueCity Conference but it never felt like a boring old conference it felt more like a family reunion, a celebration, and a community party. This year the event (on March 3rd & 4th) has been re-branded as the TrueCity Festival. You should come check it out and celebrate with us.


Celebrating TrueCity & John Perkins!

Dad vs Son vs Noise Beat copyIt is easier to sound angry, moody or sad then to make sounds of joy and celebration. Dad vs Son is my experimental electronic music project with my 11 year old son. He plays drum machine and I play synth. On March 3rd we will be setting the welcoming mood for this year’s TrueCity Festival. We will be playing a set while people are entering the space. I’m super excited about this because Civil Rights leader John Perkins (one of my heroes) will be the key note speaker. We are working hard to make a sound that helps celebrate the great work this man does and the great things happening in Hamilton Church Communities. The above recording is one of our practices leading up to the festival, and we would like to dedicate the track to Mr. Perkins.