Help us reunite a family from Syria

14581507_10157450062935648_6824544771226646978_nPlease help our private sponsorship and reunification of a family from Syria.

14570300_10157450063750648_7868680891811624208_nWe are part of a group of friends and neighbors in partnership with The Commons church in Hamilton, Ontario who have come to know a special family that have settled in our community. We are sponsoring the eldest son of this family who still resides in a refugee camp in Jordan, along with his wife and four children. We are seeking financial donations to support our sponsorship which will go towards living expenses for one year upon their arrival. 100% of funds donated will go to this family and donations are tax deductible. Thank you kindly in advance for your contribution: $10, $50, $500, $5000…. any amount you can manage helps our collective efforts to reunite a family separated by this horrible war.

How To Donate:

  • To make a donation online please use the CanadaHelps donation page for our partner Hamilton Mennonite Church:
    click “donate now and select “The Commons – refugee familyfund.
  • To make a donation by cheque:
    You can write a cheque payable to “Hamilton Mennonite Church.”
    In the memo section please write: “The Commons – Refugee Family”.
    Mail to:
    Hamilton Mennonite Church,
    143 Lower Horning Rd. Hamilton, ON, L8S 3G8
  • A cash donation can be given to a member of the sponsorship team along with your name and mailing address for a tax receipt. The sponsorship team is: Kaelyn Koepke, Adrian McFarlane, Dawna Koepke, Sarah and Matt Leyenar, Susan Neudorf, Randell Neudorf


Neighbourhood Change in the Sherman Hub

P1030277Matt Thompson is the Community Developer for the Sherman Hub, he is also a Commoner and part of our Cohort Leadership Team at The Commons. I got my copy of the Sherman Hub News this morning and saw that Matt had an article on the front page entitled “Neighborhood CHANGE.”

Here are a couple quotes from the article if you don’t live in the Sherman area:

“The Sherman Hub News is a representation of the collective effort and care of the people who live int the neighbourhood, but this neighbourhood is changing. And anyone who has lived in the city knows that this change is happening fast.”

In the article Matt has a conversation with two “go to” people in the neighbourhood. He asks Rebecca Doll and Patti Encinas where they were “seeing changes in the community:

“For Rebecca it comes down to the arrival of a $3 croissant. “I’ve lived in Montreal, and never saw prices like that for a croissant. Not even in Toronto. So it makes me wonder – who is buying them? If you’re someone who has lived in our more affordable neighbourhoods, a $3 pastry is something different, and leads to larger questions about neighbourhood change.” For Patti, thinking of change leads to the idea of how housing and jobs are connected. “When housing prices rise, people will move further away. People can go elsewhere, but where are the jobs?”

Patti also mentioned that she is “locked in” and “can’t leave” her home because of rising housing costs. I know a number of people at The Commons (myself including myself) that bought our houses a number of years ago when prices were much more affordable. Housing prices are two edged sword, yes my home is worth more but if I sold, where would I move? This is my home.

I am inspired by other Commoners who have been more creative within this new reality and have rented out rooms in their home or have decided to buy a house with friends and intentionally live in community. It use to be that you would say to your friends “Move to Hamilton, you can live on my street.” Now people are saying “Move to Hamilton we can live in the same house.”