We Value Beauty

You might think it is a little strange for a Church Community to have Beauty as one of their values. You might be asking yourself “Why are these Commoners so focused on the superficial?” That is a good question, and if we were only dealing with appearances and surfaces, I would share your concern, but we use the word “Beauty” to talk about how the Creator made a world of beauty and when we are creative and add beauty to the world we reflect our creator. On Sunday, June 19th, 2017, Becca did a great job of talking about all the places she finds Beauty and what that means to her as part of our Teaching Series on our Core Values. You can listen in below.

Becca used lots of great photos in a power point to illustrate her stories, here are some of the images she used:

At the end of our gathering Becca asked us to each write our name on a piece of paper, we then went around the room writing one thing of beauty we saw in each person. Some of the observations were very specific and others were general character traits, but everyone went home with a word picture of themselves that reflected the unique and beautiful people God has created us to be.

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