Jumping into 2019

We aren’t a church of programs, we are a church of people. As I was looking at our website this sometimes means it looks like we don’t have a lot going on. That just isn’t true, it is just all happening a little under the radar and on the ground.

If you want to get a sense of the people I would suggest checking out a few Instagram Pages that tells some of our story. You might want to check out:

The one official program is our Sunday Gatherings. Coffee and snacks are served at 4pm, and the Worship Gathering starts at 4:30pm. We meet in the community room at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church on the corner of Wilson & Hughson.

For all of January and February we are going to be looking at stories of the early church from the Book of Acts and what they might mean for us today.

  • Stories of Money Problems.
  • Stories of trying to figure out what God is up to. Learning to listen for that mysterious voice of the Holy Spirit.
  • Stories of Culture Shock.
  • Stories of Subverting the Systems of Empire.

One of our core values is “Story Honouring.” We would love to hear more about your own story. Even if you don’t want to stay for the whole gathering feel free to drop by and grab a coffee and say hello.

Moving Fundraiser

The Commons has found a new home and will be sharing space with St. John’s Lutheran Church on the corner of Wilson & Hughson starting on Sunday September 9th. We really value a space where we can be creative so we will be using St. John’s Community Room below the sanctuary. We see a lot of potential in this space but we could use a little help to make it work for our Worship Gatherings.

Moving Fundraiser:

Out goal is to raise $1600 by the end of September. The two big purchases we are looking at are:

  1. LIGHTS: We want to string cafe style patio lights in the center of the room as a focal point to create a welcoming environment and to emphasis that church is not a performance but rather a gathering of people.
  2. PORTABLE SOUND SYSTEM: We are looking at purchasing an all in one Bose tower system that is very easy to use and functions as both a monitor and a speaker so that everyone in the room can hear. It is very simple to use and can be set up very quickly.

As of September 25th we have raised $1369, and we could use your help reaching our goal. Every donation helps whether it is $500, $50 or $5.

If you would like to help contribute you can donate to The Commons through:

  • Online Donation: CLICK HERE for info on how to donate using CanadaHelpsĀ 
  • Cheque: CLICK HERE for instructions.
  • Cash: Just put the money in an envelope and put your name and address on it so we can give you a tax receipt. Money can be given to anyone on our leadership team (Jeanette Eby, Krista Vanderhout, or Randy Neudorf)

Thank you for supporting The Commons!