Gathering Canceled – June 3rd, 2018 Sunday June 23rd our Worship Gathering is Canceled. We are going on A road trip insteak to see a play called Discovery: A Comic Lament. Tickets can be bought HERE. For those of us going from The Commons we will be meeting at Hooper Law at 6pm to Car Pool.

We are encouraging anyone who isn’t able to go to use the day to visit another church in the TrueCity network that we are a part of. Two suggestions are:

  • The Meeting Place – 4pm at 541 Barton St. E.
    Supper Served after their Gathering.
  • Eucharist Church –  3:30pm at 130 Victoria Ave North.
    3pm for coffee/tea & snacks before the Gathering.

Discovery: A Comic Lament Preview from Ted & Company on Vimeo.

The Liturgists

Over the past couple weeks we have been using some audio meditations and reflections from The Liturgists at our Worship Gatherings. On Mother’s Day we used tracks 4 & 5 from their “God our Mother” album to learn about the Orthodox practice of Apophatic Meditation, that draws attention to the limitations of human language to describe God.

There is also an album for “Pentecost” and we listened to tracks 2 & 3 before our Pentecost Potluck Supper. These tracks talk about the story where the Holy Spirit of God is given to the early church as tongues of fire. but then expands our ideas of miracles in a way that sees the magic and gift in the science of our very existence. If you haven’t ever listened to The Liturgists’ you should give them a try.