Friends, our time together as the Commons is coming to an end.

Dec 24th, Christmas Eve, will be our last gathering. 

We thank God for bringing together something great: we are present in each other’s lives. We are with people during the hardest of times. We celebrate new life, new beginnings, new hope, new stories, new understandings. We mourn the dead and celebrate lives lived. We are present during ordinary quiet times. Above all the Commons is a group of people who feel and experience the presence of Jesus in their lives because this is the work of all churches, be it in a coffee shop, a basement, a law office, beach, a parking lot, or a forest.  

So, what happens next? 

We will continue to worship alongside the Meeting Place on Sundays until Dec 24th. 

We will come together on Sunday, Dec 13th to remember all the ways we have seen God acting in and through this group of people who’ve gathered under the name “the Commons.” Gathering details forthcoming and know that we will make time to tell and listen to the stories we have written together. 


We are here

The Commons | Sundays – 6pm
26 Wilson Street | Hamilton, Ontario
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The Commons is an urban holistic Christian community that Lives, Works and Plays in the inner city neighbourhoods of Hamilton, Ontario. Quite simply, we are a community of people who are committed to making the Kingdom of God tangible in our neighbourhoods. We believe that people should be able to touch it, taste it, see it, sense it. We want to live the “Good News” wherever it is we find ourselves throughout the week. We seek to be part of the rhythms of our city, to be good neighbours, good friends, and good servants.