Advent Communion Prayer

Blessed_Virgin_Mary_Holding_Jesus_with_Saint_Michael_and_Saint_Gabriel.jpg_001On our first Sunday in Advent 2013 we shared a meal together, we lit the first advent candle in our wreath and we had the opportunity to visit a communion station. There wasn’t a set way we were asking people to partake in communion. There was a prayer (you could use or not use), pictures (you could look at or not), you could kneel or sit, it was up to the individual. In fact there wasn’t even a time allotted during our evening meal for communion, we were told that since this was an Advent Communion we would need to find or make time in the evening if we wanted to visit the communion station. This was done to remind us that we also need to make the time and take the initiative to incorporate an advent rhythm into our lives over the next month. We were also encouraged to not let starting an advent journey late be reason for not starting at all. If the first week got away from you don’t say you’ll wait till next year. If the first 22 days get away from you try to prepare in the last 2 days.

Here is the prayer and images that were offered for reflection at our Communion Station:

A Communion Prayer for Advent

God you are hidden and revealed:
like your followers in ancient times,
we long for you to tear open the heavens
and come among us in amazing ways.
But you come to us most often in the commonness of ordinary life.
Break upon us in Advent
like the freshness of a new snowfall.
Surprise us with your unexpected nearness:
as close as the breath we breathe,
the table we share,
the bread we break,
the cup we drink.
Make yourself know to us Commoners
that we may meet you at this table and worship you.

Prayer based on material found at

1301482638_0rozdhristovo_xvithe-last-supper-1909 by Emil Nolde