Our Values

We are a community that is defined by our values. The Commons is committed to working together to creatively live out Justice, Hope, Beauty, Authenticity, Truth, Community, and Peace. As we seek to be the community that God is shaping us into, we continually see our values reflected in the life of Jesus and the example that He set during His time on Earth. For us “Commoners”, our values are not just words but rather sign posts that we use to help guide us on our collective journey.

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Breaking Down Our Values: 

Justice:  We live in a world of broken systems that mistreat and hurt many people. We believe that Justice is something that you must actively participate in to bring equity and dignity into people’s everyday lives.  We are committed to participating in justice on both a global and local level. We endeavour to give people who have been marginalized a place of belonging and a voice in their city.

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Hope: We live in a changing world that is in constant flux. Hope is the spirit that is needed to shape that change into something good.  We believe that life is a meaningful event with purpose and that God has amazing things in store for us and our city.

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Beauty: We value beauty in all its wonderful forms. We appreciate the natural world as well as the creative people who artistically infuse beauty into our everyday lives. We believe that people are made in the image of their creator and when we participate in creativity, we reflect the beauty and heart of our Maker.

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Authenticity: We appreciate that we are all on very unique life journeys and that we don’t all need to look, act, or think alike to be able to learn and grow together.

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Truth: We foster an environment where it is OK to ask hard questions. We look to the narrative outlined in the Bible to inform our decisions and shape our actions. We believe that through prayer and open and honest conversations that God will help us move towards truth in tangible and practical ways.

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Community: For us, the Church is not a building or an event, but rather a collection of people who make up an intentional faith community. We value relationships and seek to build what we call “deep community.” We also value and love the geographic community that we find ourselves a part of. We recognize that societal norms have made our neighbourhoods very transient places and that this is inherently counterproductive to long term community building. We believe that many people in faith communities (including our own) are being called to commit to their neighbourhoods long term, perhaps even for a life time.

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Peace: We are learning to become a community of “Peace Makers.” We seek to understand each other in our differences and to actively and lovingly work through conflict in an open and honest way that promotes grace and forgiveness.

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